SAIF Real Estate Club Meets Counterparts from University of Wisconsin

The real estate industry, no matter domestic or overseas, is always under the spot light. An exchange activity, jointly sponsored and organized by SSA’s Liaison Department and SAIF’s Real Estate Club, was held in SAIF on Jan. 10, attended by MBA students from University of Wisconsin and Shanghai University and SAIF.

University of Wisconsin has a history of 120 years in real estate education and research. It has long ranked the nation's Top3 in the industry. The MBA students from University of Wisconsin all major in the real estate industry. For local students who would like to extend their knowledge on the U.S. real estate industry, this event presents a great opportunity.

Inspiring by the common interest, the MBA students from the three universities had been exchanging name cards even before the official commencement of the event.

Vincent Kott, SAIF 2012 Full-time MBA student, commenced the event by a brief introduction on this exchange activity. Vincent Zhang, faculty of SAIF MBA office, then provided an extended introduction on SAIF, its faculty, facilities and programs after extending greetings to the arrival of guests.

Next, Arif Qureshi, Manager of the Real Estate program of University of Wisconsin, introduced the program to the local students. His presentation covered the background, objective, faculty, relevant courses and student structure of the program. Arif also shared with audience with interesting photos of student activities in University of Wisconsin.

In the following Q&A section, the students, including two from SAIF, asked a few questions regarding the real estate industry in both China and U.S. Arif, incorporating his wealth of knowledge and years of real estate research and experience, gave his own insights on those questions. His answers won rounds of applauses.

Although the event was short, the friendship and network formed by counterparts of the three universities lasts long. This is also a successful international event hosted by a SAIF student club.