SAIF Announces 2015 MBA Admission Policy

On 27th April 2014, Opening Ceremony of 2015 SAIF Finance MBA Admission was held. In light of its admission policy, students’ comprehensive capability is going to play an important part in its admission, especially in aspects of thinking mode, role definition and value orientation. Meanwhile, a scholarship of RMB 15 million will be offered to attract freshmen with excellent background, as well as sophomore students with great performance and contribution. SAIF Finance MBA program also takes the lead in offering “Pre-MBA Training Project”, to give the 2015 Finance MBA applicants a chance to start systematic study and networking in advance.

First, Prof. Chen Hong, Deputy Dean of SAIF, introduced that the employment rate of full-time SAIF MBA students graduated in 2013 has reached 100% again, with an average annual salary of RMB 230,000, ranking the best among domestic business schools. In 2014, SAIF has enrolled a total of 240 full-time and part-time students. In full-time MBA class, the students from finance sector are increasing. Among them are not only students from traditional financial institutions like four major state-owned banks, security companies and insurance enterprises, but those from foreign banks. In part-time MBA class, the students from industry and commerce community are raising as well, such as those from fields of marketing, technical innovation and strategy making at companies like Unilever, Schlumberger, JNJ, China Shipping Logistics, CBN, as well as those working in industry and commerce community like SAIC Finance, Fosun Capital, etc.
Ni Haiying, Associate Director of SAIF MBA then said that in this capital-reigned era, talent cannot be simply defined. We don’t have a stereotype for so-called ideal candidates. Instead, students with different special skills, unique perspectives and positive energy are welcomed. We hope that our students can have strong will to make a difference, be willing to help each other, and challenge tradition. They will rebuild their career with a combination of financial perspectives and professional knowledge, to make a profound influence on their companies, business world and even the whole human society.
During the selection of students, SAIF will assess candidates in terms of thinking mode, role definition and value orientation, putting the applicants in practice to test their inner motivation, leaning ability and commercial thinking. “First, they need to have perseverance to stick to their goals, and critical thinking to challenge conventional thoughts. Second, they need to have a clear role definition. We don’t want followers. We want leaders, with strong endurance and execution. Third, they must be willing to share with other people, which is also the cultural of SAIF MBA. One cannot be addicted of their own success; instead, he or she should also be proud of the teammates’ success,” said Ni Haiying.
In order to attract splendid applicants and encourage currently enrolled students to contribute to society through their hard work, SAIF will offer up to a scholarship of RMB 15 million in 2015, reaching a new high among domestic business schools. The average coverage of scholarship for the incoming students will be over 90%. Two kinds of scholarships will be available: Freshman Scholarship and Sophomore Scholarship. As for Freshman Scholarship, other than The Laureate Award and The Premium Award, the individual scholarships including GMAT Excellence, Academic Award, National Honor Award etc. are also offered to attract students with outperformance in different fields; while Sophomore Scholarship will have over 10 kinds of individual scholarships, based on academic honors, best academic papers etc., to encourage students’ comprehensive development. The “Pre-MBA Training Project” is launched especially for applicants of Finance MBA, covering aspects including hot chart, career development, experience sharing, etc., to help the applicants understand financial essence. This is the first Pre-MBA training project in China. It can be applied online, and allows students to start the MBA study and networking in advance.