SAIF EMBA Student Awarded New Fortune Best Analyst

The 9th New Fortune Best Analyst Award Ceremony, hosted by the business journal New Fortune, was held in Shenzhen on Nov. 25, 2011. The team of Industrial Securities led by Mr. Zhang Yidong, SAIF EMBA student, clinched gold in the Strategy Study project. 

"Strategy study is a mixture of pleasure and pain. You have to endure loneliness and deal with a lot of uncertainties and game playing.” the winner recalled, “My studies at SAIF is an unforgettable experience. It is an honor to be taught by distinguished economist like Prof. Wang Jiang. The courses are very enlightening, allowing me to make much better use of my experience and expertise." He is also thankful that his classmates are all business leaders in different fields or industries, who can interpret cases from the monetary policy of China Banking Regulatory Commission to Wenzhou credit crisis.

                                                   Mr. Zhang Yidong Speaks at the Award Ceremony
The honor awarded to Mr. Zhang is also shared by his team, his employer and SAIF EMBA program. As an analyst of the new generation, Mr. Zhang is an outstanding representative of his peers of SAIF EMBA program, a place where the elites meet.