SAIF MBA Lecture Series

Time: Fri, 2010-09-17 18:30 - 22:00
Location: Lecture Hall, Datong Square 3F, 211 West Huaihai Rd.
Speaker: Prof. Joel Litman
6:30pm ~ 7:00pm - Registration & Student networking
7:00pm ~ 7:15pm - SAIF program info session
7:15pm ~ 7:30pm - Open remark by SAIF faculty introducing Professor Joel Litman
7:30pm ~ 9:30pm - Seminar and Q&A section
9:30pm ~ 10:00pm - Wrap up & Networking

How do you consistently beat the market with superior quantamental investment models? Professor Litman, expert practitioner who regularly provides strategic valuation advice to the most sophisticated long / short hedge funds on Wall Street, will unveil innovative equity research techniques for cash flow analysis, credit-for-equity signals, and deep fundamental forensics to achieve market above risk-adjusted absolute returns. The presentation has received high marks from audiences around the world that have included CFAs, CPAs, MBAs, management consultants, business leaders, and investment professionals. Topics of this informative and entertaining discussion include:

A. 截拳道 Jeet Kune Do: No perfect style, but many right and wrong tools
• How debt tells you what the stock will do, long before it happens
• Great stocks versus great companies, what to measure and when
• Never trust the statement of cash flows – never!

B. Valuation Zen: Seeking the truth in numbers (and words)
• When price-to-book provides better insight than price-to-earnings
• Don’t believe what you read! When the popular press and best-selling books make you a bad investor (and bad business leader)
• Reading between the lines of management guidance

C. Aggregate Cash Flow Analysis and Market Valuation comparisons - Asia vs. USA
• China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan vs. United State

D. Single company cash flow analysis, and embedded market expectations - China vs. USA
• New Oriental, Petro China, China Mobile, Baidu, Changyou vs. USA comparable public entities

E. Using Return Driven Strategy© to better invest
• How to spot bad business ethics – and value impact on stock price
• The greatest forecasting tool ever: executive compensation
• Tying macro-trends to individual firm performance

D. Investing in 2010-2011: How to beat the market
• Specific stocks, sectors, and strategies for successful investing

About speaker:

Joel Litman

Professor Litman is the Managing Director of Equity Analysis & Strategy headquartered in New York City and cofounder of the Institute of Strategy & Valuation. Litman has 20 years of experience advising management teams and working with some of the world’s largest and most influential investment firms. Litman’s career spans the interrelationship between business strategy, performance, and valuation. Methodologies employed include RETURN DRIVEN STRATEGY™, Strategic Valuation™, and the HOLT CFROI© methodology. His career has spanned investment management, investment banking, and management consulting, formerly at employers Credit Suisse First Boston, Diamond Management and Technology Consultants, Deloitte Consulting, and American Express. He co-authored the highly acclaimed book, DRIVEN: Business Strategy, Human Actions, and the Creation of Wealth, and has published in Harvard Business Review and elsewhere. Litman is a member of the CFA Institute’s Retained Speakers Bureau and teaches regularly at universities in cities including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, London, and all over North America. Universities have included Harvard Business School, Wharton, London Business School, and others. He is on staff as Professor with the HULT International Business School based in Cambridge and also The Center for Strategy, Execution, and Valuation which he co-founded at the Kellstadt MBA Program in Chicago. Litman is also heavily involved in the support of under-developed communities and education, particularly in the Philippines through the Foundation for Socioeconomic Advancement and Children International.